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We want you to enjoy your new Stafford Home for a lifetime. No other builder in the Portland Metro area is more committed to the craftsmanship, energy efficiency and finish quality of your new home.


We had this idea to design and build homes that not only meet code, but better and surpass it.  That our homes would be crafted from the outset to be elegantly efficient, engineered to save energy for the decades to come.   Then to make certain that what we built added real lasting value to the communities where we developed while delivering an exceptional experience for our customers.  And with these ideals we set out to build homes that will endure.

At Stafford Homes and Land our goal is to build the best quality home on the market and to earn the trust of our customers.

Stafford Homes & Land LLC

Building with EA since 2014


Certified high-performance buildings are healthier, more efficient and show a documented increase in value.


    Earth Advantage Home Certification ensures your home is at least 15% more energy efficient than state building code requires. In 2015, Earth Advantage certified homes average 28% more energy efficient than Oregon building code. Our certification means your home was inspected by a trained building science professional at least twice to ensure it met our rigorous certification standards. Those inspections ensure your home was built to last, works efficiently, provides a healthy indoor environment, and retains its value.

    As a nonprofit, third party verifier, Earth Advantage gives you the peace of mind your home was built better.


    Earth Advantage Home Certification is a third-party green building certification program that helps builders create energy efficient, healthy, durable, and resource-wise homes. The Earth Advantage Home Certification standard requires homes to achieve a minimum number of points in each of five categories: energy, health, land, materials, and water.
    The number of points earned qualifies the home for one of five levels of certification: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Net Zero Ready, or Net Zero.

Stafford Homes and Land works with the home buyer


Our homes are cozy inside.  Indoors is great, but this is Oregon and we want our home buyers to enjoy every season in and out.  We make make certain there is an appropriate connection to the outdoors by incorporating features that both acknowledge where we live and how we want to live.

The family room extends to greet with a covered front porch, and expands under a covered back patio for entertaining year round.  Many homes have built-in fire pits to gather around.  It is these little touches that make a Stafford Home a better place.

Through our unique combination of blending these well thought out energy performance features we have become a leader in delivering homes that are more comfortable and cost significantly less to operate on a yearly basis.


This is our commitment; better design, better performance, better comfort, better living in our homes.  Learn more below:


    Advanced framing techniques to reduce waste in our designs, and to block the transfer of heat or cooling from the inside of the home.


    We seal our homes from the inside out, and from the outside in, to minimize any air leakage which in turn makes them more comfortable and efficient while taking less energy to heat and cool by retaining the comfort.

    Low E windows are installed to let more natural light in and the heat out so you will feel better living in one of our homes.


    Our homes breathe better because we install quality quiet fans to bring new air into the home as the old air is removed, creating a clean air environment which is better for allergies.

    We use low VOC paint and other toxins to be less harmful/prevalent in the home.


    • Energy Star appliances.
    • Tankless water heaters which are up to 99% efficiency in the way they use energy.
    • In many homes we use Mini-Split heating and cooling, which is hyper-efficient at heating and cooling of your home.
    • We use a 3rd party verification to assure we are building the best home possible.
    • Each home comes with an Energy Performance Score, (EPS), which will inform you as the buyer as to what you can expect in so far as operating costs and comfort.


We want our home buyers to know just how well their new home is built.  But they don't need to take our word on it; they have Energy Trust and Earth Advantage report cards to prove it.

Click on this actual EA certification report to read up on how our homes in the Street of Dreams was inspected for Quality

Click on this actual ET certification report to read up on how a home in Pine Meadow was rated for Energy Performance



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