Energy Efficient New Homes

ENERGY STAR® Partner Builder

We want you to enjoy your new Stafford Home for a lifetime.
So when we build a new home, we plan for the future.  Our choices will determine not only the overall comfort of the home owner for the decades to come, but also how this single dwelling will impact the place it resides.  We choose to step a bit more lightly, to craft a home that uses resources wisely from the moment we begin construction.


Healthy Homes

High performance, solar-ready, water conserving and health-minded are not just bylines.  Our push to deliver verified Energy Trust scoring, to achieve Earth Advantage certification, and to have the stamp of EPA Energy-Star commitment starts at the drawing board.  These proven techniques all serve to give our buyers better design, better performance, better comfort, better living in our homes.

The indoor air quality of your new home is something we care about and build into every new Stafford home.  It is good to know the guidelines we adhere to, so please take a moment and learn about EPA Air Plus: